Is my phone compatible?
chargeONE is compatible with Qi enabled smartphone devices. Find out your model compatibility here

Do I have to supply my own cable and charger?
No, we give you a solid product that comes included with a MicroUSB Cable and Quick Charger to give you the best charging experience possible

Is it easy to use?
Yes! We designed it to be super simple and easy to use. We find it easier to use than plugging in a cable.

Can I use it when I travel?
Yes! The USB socket and chargeONE work on any voltage up to 240V.

Will it work with my case?
We have tested and designed chargeONE to work with the most protective and bulky phone cases up to 3mm. 

Can I use different USB cables or chargers?
You can use any microUSB cable you may already own. The charger is specially designed with a 18W Qualcomm 3.0 USB wall charger that comes in the box, giving you the ability to charge at full potential. Using your own wall charger may limit the product's full charging capability and speed. Lost it? Contact us and we can ship you a replacement for a small fee of $10.

Does it charge my Apple Watch as well?
No, the charge technology is different for the Apple Watch.

What is your warranty like?
We give you a one year limited warranty. If it is our "mechanical" fault, we'll replace your chargeONE. A little bath tub accident or broken USB port puts the owner at fault, careful folks. See more on warranty here.

Can you turn off the LED?
No, but the light is subtle at night and will promptly idle and power down once full charge is achieved

Can I used it in the car?
Sure can, just recommended you use a QC 3.0 Adapter to maximize charging speed