Why charge wireless?

Wireless charging has completely revolutionized the way we charge our devices, and with the release of chargeOne, we brought the style to your lifestyle. 

Wireless charging is super convenient. Without the need for messy cables, connecting to a wireless charger is fast and easy. Simply set your phone down - and voila! - it starts charging. No longer exists the need to free up your other hand to find your charger and plug in your phone.  In addition, a wireless charger is more robust than a wired one, as there is no charging cable to become worn out.     

The benefit of wireless charging is the ease in which you are able to charge your device wherever you are. Literally, just set your phone down and it will charge. So, whenever you’re not using it, you’re charging it. No cables, no clutter, no waiting, no inconvenience. Imagine the ability to give your iPhone or Android a power boost every time you set it down. With our chargeONE wireless charger you can! And since our charger is stylish, it won’t look out of place. Put one on your nightstand, desk, kitchen counter, bathroom, or take it to the gym! Its always easy to keep your devices charged all day long. Furthermore, its completely safe to repeatedly lift your device and put it back to charge.

You hear a lot about charging speeds, especially when Apple restricted its charging power to 5W. With the last update, iPhones now support wireless charging up to 7.5W, and hopefully more in the future. Our Android fans can charge their devices with a blazing fast speed up to 10W.

Ever remember looking at your factory iPhone charger that comes with the iPhone? It’s a 5W/1 Amp charger. Wireless charging is a safer and faster way to charge up!

Your smartphone begins to charge as soon as it makes contact with the wireless charger, which is plugged into the power source. For you, this means multiple charging positions. Whether you prefer landscape, portrait, or anything in between, you have the ability to choose any position. As a heads up to those who have cases, wireless charging does not require physical contact. Keep your phone in a case up to 3mm thick, and continue charging with no problems.