Whats next? Future of wireless charging

Have you ever wondered how your electric toothbrush charges? I was fascinated by how a stand for my toothbrush could recharge it without the need for batteries or a wire plugged into an outlet. Believe it or not, wireless charging has already been around for years in the products we use, both at work and at home. Wireless charging technology continues to soar in popularity, and is now widely available for the devices we use the most - our smartphones.

Our favorite smartphone devices from manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and LG continue to be upgraded with wireless charging capabilities. We see it in our smartphones, smartwatches, and soon, tablets. Public access to inductive charging pads is becoming increasingly available at airports, local cafes and restaurants. And since wireless charging pads can be built into furniture, it is safer to offer guests and customers charging without worrying about unfair treatment or theft.

On the road much? Most car manufacturers are building wireless charging pads directly into your middle console. Never again will you have to worry about messy cables or ruining the aesthetics of your car’s interior while charging your phone.

Soon, wireless charging may be available in your hotel room, on flights and throughout public areas. At home, you can live completely free of messy wires while having a wireless pad in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office or wherever is most convenient for you.


Engineers and scientists work day and night to develop other forms of wireless charging, including magnetic resonance and true long distance charging. With resonant charging, users are not required to lay their device down on a flat surface with perfect alignment. You need only to have your phone in close proximity to the charging source. Other future technologies being tested offer true wireless charging at a distance, where a power source can charge through walls and entire spaces. With true wireless charging, simply enter your local café and your device will charge.


Wireless charging took a decade to be introduced into daily consumer life. True wireless charging will continue to need a lot of testing. Until then, use your safe and non-intrusive Qi wireless charging pad - Charge Up with chargeONE!