How does wireless charging work?


In short, Qi is a wireless charging standard owned by The Wireless Power Consortium. Since its establishment, Qi has been backed by over 200 companies, including big names such as Apple and Samsung. The main goal of Qi throughout its evolution has always been to deliver a safe and easy means of wireless charging. Along with user-friendliness, the guarantee of compatibility across all Qi devices is a top priority.   

 Some of Qi’s most notable products include:

  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy Note8
  • iPhone 8
  • And the new iPhone X

 Making sure you have a compatible charger for your mobile device is important. Always check packaging for the Qi logo to ensure compatibility with your Qi phone prior to making any purchases.

How Does Inductive Charging Work

Two words create the possibility of wireless charging: Electromagnetic Induction.

  1. The transmitter coil within the charging base scatters signal.
  2. A receiver coil picks up the signal.
  3. After sensing signal, electromagnetic induction begins.
  4. Electricity inside the transmitter coil starts to flow around the base.
  5. The electric flow generates a magnetic field.
  6. Electrons in the receiver coil sense the magnetic field, and flow around the coil in response.
The flow of electrons in the receiver coil generates the electricity that powers the battery in your smartphone.