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Get your modern wireless charger for your new iPhone Xs, Xs Max or Xr for only $30 + Free Shipping!


"Google doesn't make a wireless charging pad, but this is what that accessory would be"

Justin Herrick

This wireless charger is the best charger on the market ... I dare anyone to find a wireless charger of this quality for the money at any retailer.

Customer | Anthony P.

I now have a total of four of these and we LOVE it! Chargers fast and look great too!

Customer | Robert D.



Our charcoal option is inspired by a fun new take on black. Hints of black, grays and blue are woven into this fabric for our darker color option.


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Our stone option is inspired by the beautiful hues of gray found in pebbles. The fabric delivers versatility by blending gray accents with a touch of white. 


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